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Christian Northeast in Comm Arts

‎Posted June 30, 2011 in Our Friends, Publicity. Tagged with .

Christian Northeast, the insanely talented illustrator who took our XYZ Blocks to the limit, had a super sweet feature in the January issue of Communication Arts magazine. Never heard of CA? Well, it's only thee largest international trade journal of visual communications. (I just looked that up on Wikipedia.) So getting a full six-pager in CA is like a HAH-YUUUGE deal in the design community. But you know, Christian is such a rockstar, he has been featured in CA dozens of times and probably was all "that ol' mag?…bean there, doon that, eh." (He's Canadian). Heck, he's such a rockstar he even illustrated the cover for the very same issue! Dude's on fi-yah!

Anyhow, it took a while to get our grubby paws on a PDF of the article (and then a while to take our grubby paws off the new Fall line) but we're happy to present it to you in full. Download the the PDF right here. Enjoy!

p.s. We originally were turned onto Christian through his illustrated book Prayer Requested. Add a copy to your coffee table today!


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