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Support PBS!

‎Posted May 02, 2011 in Company News, Our Friends. Tagged with .

It's a little known fact that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city. How do we know this? Because we watch PBS, duh! We love public broadcasting so much we're supporting our local station, Rhode Island PBS (Channel 36 to the oldsters) in their Spring Auction. I don't know the specifics, but evidently during the live auction the highest bidders for certain items will receive a bonus gift — which might possibly be something along the lines of Half Pint, H2Eau, Spilt Milk, or 2 Carat Cup. Hot cha cha! Please tune in May 4th through 7th at 7pm on Rhode Island PBS (or start bidding now in their online auction) and support a very important resource for our fine friends of Southern New England.

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Design in Roe Dylan

‎Posted April 08, 2011 in Company News, Sightings. Tagged with .

Lucky us! Our wee state is hosting 400 design professionals and students this weekend for the IDSA Northeast Conference. While most of the conference is for the pros, you can still mingle with some of the best and brightest during the Rhode Island Design Walkabout — three overlapping and enlightening public events — all free, all downtown, all tonight! We recommend the Design in Rhode Island exhibit at the AIA Gallery (158 Washington Street), showcasing the surprising breadth [and best] of products designed right here in our little state. We were sent a preview of the gallery this morning, and lo! What do we spy in yonder blurry low res camera-phone photos?! Tis Food Face! And Pick Your Nose! Woot, as the kids say.


Who's behind that Pick Your Nose cup? (It's Dee's daughter Tess!)


Keen Shoes, for those without polarized lenses.

Famous resident Mr. P-Head and STOOLS! A chair's for fools, everybody wants stools...

Many other Rhode Island companies are featured, from one of the hottest electronics companies to the folks who build the Academy Awards sets. Go see for yourself! Now don't say you haven't learned something new today.

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Welcome Home!

‎Posted February 24, 2011 in Behind The Scenes, Company News. Tagged with .

…to the International Home + Housewares Show, that is. We had so! much! fun! last year that we're packing up our home-related goods and heading back to Chicago. Unfortunately it's only open to the trade, so most of our fans probably won't get to mingle with the likes of Mario Batali, Rachel Ray, Paul Dean, Fred & Friends…the list goes on and on! If you are attending the show, please be sure to stop by Booth No. 3257 (Sunday through Tuesday, March 6–8) and say ¡hola! to our comedy team Deb and Joe who will be performing their newest soft-shoe tap dance / mime routine A Long Day Standing.

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Thing 1 and Thing 2

‎Posted October 28, 2010 in Company News, Publicity. Tagged with .

Our pals on the staff at Everyday with Rachael Ray have given us two things to be happy about this month! The October 2010 issues features not one, but TWO of our stylin' things! Witness the majesty of our Heads Up Juice Glasses, as well as our Spongioli super-absorbent kitchen sponges: Thanks, Rachael, for including us in your "Everyday Faves" feature. You're one of our favorite things!

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