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Fred Sox Outing!

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Last week the Fred staff took part in the 4th Annual Fred Sox Company Outing to Fenway Park. We had newbies, seasoned veterans, Sox fanatics, an intern, one interloper and a hitchhiker all join together to watch the Sox beat get clobbered by the Tigers. And what else did we do? WE STARTED THE WAVE! Yep. We were those people.

Fred, who forgot that he himself had tickets to see the game (in the good seats, natch) found out about our questionable deed and let out a disappointing sigh. "Who the @#$% starts a wave when the Sox are rallying?!?"

We do, Fred. We do.

Fred staff on the bus bound for Boston.

Our motley crew "loosening up" before the game.

Jason was unhappy because he had a flask of tequila down his pants and not in his belly.

Fenway Park view from the bleachers.

Our seats were exceptional during Detroit’s numerous home-runs.

Art department representin'! Carl, Liz, Tara, Jason, and Winsor.

Fred staff

To our left: Dee, Peter and Angela.

Fred staff

Paula and Deb clearly had a ball.

Jess and friend successfully rallied the fans.

Julio and Meagan started the second Wave.

So let’s root, root, root for the wrong team…*sing song*

Ooooh, Eeeee, Ahhhhh…Detroit scores again!

Customer Service representin’! Jess, Amanda and Jill.

Interpretive song and dance to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

We're famous!

Big THANKS to Fred for the tickets, dinner, drinks AND transportation to the game. He sure knows how to throw a company outing!

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‎Posted February 06, 2012 in Behind The Scenes. Tagged with retailertesttag.

We're huge fans of Lomography here in the studio—you know, the REAL photos that the Hipsta-palooza iPhone app attempts to replicate. One of our favorite lomographers is Kevin Meredith, aka Lomokev, from the UK. We've been skulking around his Flickr site for quite some time, and one particular photo made us sooo happy we asked Kevin if we could use it on our 2012 catalog. And here she is!

Be sure to check out Kevin's work here and here, and consider licensing one of his photos for your next catalog cover! Below are a few of our other favorites.

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Behind the Scenes

‎Posted August 18, 2011 in Behind The Scenes, Trade Shows. Tagged with .

Oh, sure, you say. That is one beautiful booth you have there. Well, it doesn't start out that way, kids. It actually takes us three days to get the booth ship-shape and ready for our customers. It all begins with a pleasant jaunt into the city, which for us takes about three hours. Or four. Or more, depending on traffic. There was a lot of traffic. The Javits Center, an architectural marvel to behold. There are shelves to assemble. Signage to stick. Products to place. Winsor and Paula debate the finer points of product placement. Oh, the labels. Every product has a label that needs to go near it. You want me to stick the labels where? Once all the product is up, the signs are up, and all the blessed labels are stuck, Deb gives the booth that "showroom fresh" vacuuming that only she can do. And she does it with a smile, even! See how pretty things end up? We get everything "just right"... ...then we hermetically seal it for your protection, until the next magical morning. You wouldn't want to mess with Liz. Nosiree, Bob! The next morning, we remove the barriers and invite our reps to peruse the booth and become acquainted with the layout and the new stuff. There's our rep Whitney and Deb again. Doesn't she clean up nice? And before you know it, the show opens and the booth is flooded with fine folks checking out the line. Hopping, just the way we like it! We hope to see you at one of our shows, where you will get a heapin' helpin' of our hospitality!

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Welcome Home!

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…to the International Home + Housewares Show, that is. We had so! much! fun! last year that we're packing up our home-related goods and heading back to Chicago. Unfortunately it's only open to the trade, so most of our fans probably won't get to mingle with the likes of Mario Batali, Rachel Ray, Paul Dean, Fred & Friends…the list goes on and on! If you are attending the show, please be sure to stop by Booth No. 3257 (Sunday through Tuesday, March 6–8) and say ¡hola! to our comedy team Deb and Joe who will be performing their newest soft-shoe tap dance / mime routine A Long Day Standing.

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