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Fred’s Must-have Mustache

‎Posted March 05, 2013 in Our Friends, Sightings. Tagged with .

You may have come across our Chill Baby mustache pacifier and wondered, "It sure is cute. BUT DOES IT WORK?!?" Here at Fred's Factory, we not only put the fun in fungicide, funicular, and fundholder — we put the fun in FUNctional. But don't take our word for it… here's what some of our fans have to say:

“Super Super Super Super Super CUTE! I love everything mustache and this pacifier is no exception. A must have for ALL babies!” -Emily

“The perfect product for when your child need to look like a ‘Sir’. If only I could find a baby monocle and top hat” -BDun

“Got this for my friend's grand baby. She LOVED it since she herself has a mustache as well - just kidding. She would die if she knew I wrote this!” -Buffunny

“…wasn't sure he would choose it over his other pacifiers. Turns out he likes this one just as much, or more, than the others! Plus it looks awesome.” -Ashley

Still not convinced? Here are some super cute snaps from around the web…

Cute overload!!! 


Sarah, on 03/07/13

Nothing to say except this is so cute. Just love it

mark, on 03/20/13

This super cute dummy is available in the UK from We also have loads of other fantastic products from the ultra stylish and quirky Fred & Friends

Bill, on 06/02/13

Please tell me there is somewhere i can buy this
In Sydney, Australia, absolutely must have this.

2Shopper, on 06/13/13

These are so cute and hilarious! and not to mention a huge hit with our fans. Keep up the wacky designs, love all the stuff you guys keep coming up with!

winsor, on 06/17/13

Hi Bill,

Please check with our distributor for Aus and NZ — I’m sure they can point you in the right direction.


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