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Fred Sox Outing!

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Last week the Fred staff took part in the 4th Annual Fred Sox Company Outing to Fenway Park. We had newbies, seasoned veterans, Sox fanatics, an intern, one interloper and a hitchhiker all join together to watch the Sox beat get clobbered by the Tigers. And what else did we do? WE STARTED THE WAVE! Yep. We were those people.

Fred, who forgot that he himself had tickets to see the game (in the good seats, natch) found out about our questionable deed and let out a disappointing sigh. "Who the @#$% starts a wave when the Sox are rallying?!?"

We do, Fred. We do.

Fred staff on the bus bound for Boston.

Our motley crew "loosening up" before the game.

Jason was unhappy because he had a flask of tequila down his pants and not in his belly.

Fenway Park view from the bleachers.

Our seats were exceptional during Detroit’s numerous home-runs.

Art department representin'! Carl, Liz, Tara, Jason, and Winsor.

Fred staff

To our left: Dee, Peter and Angela.

Fred staff

Paula and Deb clearly had a ball.

Jess and friend successfully rallied the fans.

Julio and Meagan started the second Wave.

So let’s root, root, root for the wrong team…*sing song*

Ooooh, Eeeee, Ahhhhh…Detroit scores again!

Customer Service representin’! Jess, Amanda and Jill.

Interpretive song and dance to the tune of Sweet Caroline.

We're famous!

Big THANKS to Fred for the tickets, dinner, drinks AND transportation to the game. He sure knows how to throw a company outing!


Shannon Burrows, on 12/30/12

I love thr toothpick holder I have! Everyone freaks out over it! ;)

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