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OMG it’s XYZ!

‎Posted March 21, 2013 in Fred Hacks, Sightings, Stuff We Like. Tagged with .

So the other day, while catching up on our long-ignored Twitter page, I noticed we were tagged in a photo. >click<

WhaHUH?? Those our are XYZ Blocks! Did someone knock us off? Were the images licensed to someone else? No. That's not even possible. I cannot believe someone had the chutzpah to take our wonderful blocks and blow them up to coffee table size. I need to get to the bottom of this…stat! Heads. Will. ROOOOLL!

Wiping the sweat off my brow, I took another look. How did they get those Scrabble tiles so big? That desk lamp is huge! What does this “mini modern” watermark on the photo mean? (They don’t call me a super sleuth for nothing.)

Everyone, meet Modern MC — modern dollhouse interior designer. *headslap*

Says MC about her inspiration:

I was led by thoughts of cool parents who don't take life too seriously, collect pop culture trinkets and sometimes go to Comic-Con.

Um…that's like everyone in our art department! Almost. Thanks for including us MC — and reminding everyone to have fun!

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Holy Hacks, Batman!

‎Posted July 14, 2011 in Fred Hacks, Stuff We Like. Tagged with .

The cuties over at My Jello Americans really broke the mold when it comes to re-purposing our ice trays with their boozy concoctions. And believe it or not, they're ALL Jello shots. Take this, for example. It's called "the Skrik" (that's Norwegian for "the Scream" or "Ice Screams" in Fred). An artful aperitif indeed.

Ice Scream jello shot

Here's a backward boilermaker (and straightforward genius) called The CityWide. Start with one Pabst Blue Ribbon shot glass, fill with Bourbon and pop the whole thing down the hatch. Now we don't condone this kind of drinking, but we do condone this kind of fun!

Cool Shooter jello shot

Okay guys. This one creeps me out. In fact, it's so foul mouthed it will make your jaw fall on the floor. (Just remember the five-second rule!) Take a look at the MJA School of Dentistry:

Frozen Smiles jello shot

Frozen Smiles never looked so…good?

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Happy Ninja New Year!

‎Posted January 06, 2011 in Fred Hacks, Just For Fun, Sightings. Tagged with .

Can you believe it? It's a brand-spankin' new year! If you're anything like us, you spent much of December keeping the couch warm and eating too many cookies. Well, it's time to get back into action. Or, you could start thinking about action. Or, you could start thinking about COOKIES in ACTION! Thanks to our clever fans Nick B. and his wife for baking up a storm and sending us these EPIC pictures of our Ninjabread Men decked out in 80s splendor. In this pivotal scene from the 1984 movie The Karate Kid, bad boy Johnny is attempting to block a well-placed front kick from the hero Daniel LaRusso as the cookie crowd goes crazy. Clearly, Mr. Cookie Miyagi has taught Danny well. We think you'll agree... the resemblance is uncanny. Frosting on, frosting off. We appreciate you sharing your stellar effort with us, guys. Who's next? Have you made anything using a Fred product lately? Let us know!

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Geeks Need Chocolate Too

‎Posted February 18, 2010 in Fred Hacks, Stuff We Like. Tagged with .

This is such a cool Fred hack. An Instructables DIYer has taken our Ice Invaders tray and made a gorge' box of chocolates for her honey. We wish were as lucky. hint hint (Thanks to Taryn for the tip.)

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