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How Pleasant!

‎Posted September 09, 2010 in Fred's Rockin' Retailers, Sightings. Tagged with .

We recently took the arduous journey all the way from Cumberland down to Newport, RI for a little shopping excursion. If you are not from the fair state of Rhode Island, you should know that these two points are as far away from each other that you can get and still be in the state. In other words, Newport is an hour away from our Cumberland studio, and we lived to tell the tale. Oh, and what a tale! Check out this sweeeet store called "Pleasant Surprise" in the Brick Marketplace. They had a heapin' helpin' of  Food Face plates: And we nearly flipped when we saw Heads Up on the shelves: They had many of our stylin' key covers, with a side order of Borrow My Pen?: M-Cups and Unzipped, lookin' good on the shelves together: Thank you Pleasant Surprise, for the pleasant surprise. From the highlands of Cumberland, we salute you.


Meg, on 03/25/11

Dear Fred,

  We are pleased down to our knees that you came down to visit us.  We love your product so keep up the good work :D.  We wanted to let you know that we will be posting Fred extensively in our tumblr (


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